Most sunless solutions have two main tanning ingredients, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose. DHA is a monosaccharide sugar that has been approved by the FDA for external application to the skin. Erythrulose is a sugar derivative.

The FDA added DHA to the list of approved colorants for cosmetic products in the 1970's. The FDA recommends the use of protective measures when receiving a spray tan such as protective eyewear, nose filters, lip balm, and undergarments.

Sunless solutions and products cannot be claimed as organic as DHA is not a FDA approved organic ingredient. Sunless solutions and products may contain organic ingredients, but that does not make the product organic. California Tan Sunless uses DHA that is Ecocert and Natrue certified, meaning it is pure, all natural DHA and is derived from renewable sources. For Ecocert's statement on organic DHA, please visit: Ecocert's statement on organic DHA

Once sunless solution or a sunless product is applied it reacts with proteins found in the skin's external layer and the result is a darkeing of the skin. Color begins to develop immediately, with full color strength showing at 24 hours after application.

A spray tan applied either at a professional salon or at home will last between 5-7 days due to the skin'a natural exfoliating cycle. Preparing for and taking care of a sunless tan will help the tan last longer. See our "Sunless Steps & Tips" page for more information on how to prepare and maintain a sunless tan!

With California Tan Sunless® solution and products, you can shower anywhere between 1 to 4 hours. 1 hour to achieve dark color, 2 hours to achieve darker color, and 3-4 hours to achieve darkest color. Color will continue to develop after the initial application has been rinsed off.

The California Tan Sunless® exclusive Color Perfecting Complex® technology utilizes your unique skin tone as it tans you so you'll get a golden glow that's perfect for you.

Color Perfecting Complex® is a revolutionary formula that is a blend of natural colorants that uses skin's organic color to develop the most natural sunless tan for each person. This technology can be found in all of our professional sunless solutions and in certain retail products.

Tinted solutions have cosmetic bronzers that give you instant color. For California Tan Sunless® solutions, these help customers know how dark their tan will be if they wait the full 4 hours to shower. These cosmetic bronzers will rinse off during the first shower after application. Clear solutions don't have cosmetic bronzers and don't give you instant color, but give you the same dark color development as tinted solutions. This is a great option for people who want a spray tan during the work day!

There are 3 shades of California Tan Sunless® professional solution: Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. Medium Tinted has the lowest amount of DHA offered, while Rapid Dark has the highest and Dark falls in between. The amount of DHA in a sunless solution correlates to level of tan the solution will provide. Lower DHA amounts will result in less color and higher amounts will result in more color. Don't forget, shower time can affect color too! If you want a lighter tan, shower clsoer to the one hour mark so that the solution will have less time to react on your skin. To see before and after pictures to help you decide, vist our "Before and After Gallery" page!

The proven 3 step system ensures even, natural looking, longer-lasting color. Both professional and retail lines utilize this multi-step approach. Step 1 Prepare products prime skin for sunless color. These products help provide the best base for optimal color results. Step 2 Develop products are what gives you the dark tan you desire. These products utilize revolutionary formulas and intelligent skincare ingredients for a natural, healthy looking glow. Step 3 Perfect products help prolong your sunless tan. These products enhance your glow and help extend the life of your tan!